Mouse Mystery?

Mice running video
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Mice running video

Right now I am in the process of consolidating my YouTube channel.  Over the years Amish Cook videos ended up in various places online, but I’m not putting them all in one spot. Very soon you’ll be able to click on the YouTube icon on the right of the screen and see all sorts of video documentaries from Amish settlements across the USA. The videos will be free for you to enjoy and watch.  The short videos on the channel will be removed and replaced with full-length ones.

Okay, now to the mice. I’m not someone that is a fan of mice.  I’m not scared of mice in the least, but I will admit to getting startled by them because of the element of surprise they employ when skittering out of a spot. They’re just so fast. They’re amazing creatures in their adaptability and just pure tenacity.

But here’s a mystery:  several years ago my wife had some pet mice. I started to explain here how she ended up with pet mice, but, really,that’s irrelevant and a long story. So I’ll spare you. But we had pet mice.  For reasons I can no longer remember I took a video of the mice running on a wheel.  And then I somehow uploaded that video  to my Amish Cook YouTube channel where it sat unnoticed by me, but not by others apparently. The greatest mystery of all concerning this video: it was viewed over 500 times!  What the heck?? When we switch YouTube channels, the view counter gets erased. But, sheesh, if that many people enjoyed watching them I thought I would bring them over to the new Amish Cook channel.  Now, really, why would 500 people watch a 1 minute video of running mice?  But if you’d like to see them, click here.



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The Discussion

  1. lorraine stoddard says:

    I seen that video. I had to replay this several times a day when my 2 grandsons we’re at my house!

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    • Ah, thanks, account for probably a 1/3 of the views then:) Glad your grandsons enjoyed it!

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