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My new blog Amish Cook new Blog I occasionally veer off-topic on this site and talk about Kate Gosselin, the Duggars, bad restaurants and other stuff. I enjoy these discussions and I will continue to do that here, but sometimes there are a lot of different experiences I’d like to share or topics I’d love to explore with you all. But sometimes doesn’t seem like the right forum. Amishcookonline is my site to talk about anything Amish or plain,but not really to talk about the protracted Presidential race or why some drivers insist on never using turn signals. I love being the Amish Cook’s editor,but I am more than that.  So I’ve launched my own personal blog.  Check it out here!:) 

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The Discussion

  1. I’m sure I will enjoy this. You write about so many different things.

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  2. Jim Weiss says:

    Good luck. Everybody has opinions,and its good to air them.Jim.

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  3. Dawn Kirk says:

    Have you read about the Duggar’s friends,the family named Bates? Mm thinking you must have.They’re tied for number of children with Mrs. Bates just delivering her 19th on Feb.1st.I find both families fascinating!
    We don’t have cable TV of any sort so I look & read about them both online.

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  4. Mary Ingram says:

    I know I will enjoy this!!! I have not heard of the Bates family, that Dawn was telling about.

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