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  1. Lola LB

    Missed it. I’m trying to find out if it will repeat before the next episode. Since I’m deaf, I have to depend on tv – online videos aren’t captioned.

  2. Dennis Agin

    Saw it, it was OK, Mose is always on these shows where the Amish kids leave. Seems like they want to always leave the Amish but live with a group of ex amish like they want to get away but still want to stay in a amish community

  3. Emmy O.

    Hey Kevin!! We just did away entirely with our cable (YAY us) and only have about 25 channels now with a good old fashioned antenna; so unfortunately no. Let me know if it’s worth having the in-laws tape it for us though. Hope all is well 🙂


  4. Joyce

    Only heard about it today and thought it was starting next Tuesday. But then again the article I read said it was on ET not Nat Geo. Oh well. Looking forward to it.

  5. Wendy

    I tried to watch it online – 30 seconds of advertising for every 0:30-2:30 of video. Kind of took all the joy out of it. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t get to see most of the show. A shame. It looked interesting.

  6. lorraine stoddard

    Kevin thanks for posting the schedule of this show. I’ll be sure to watch this.

  7. Linda from KY

    I had to work until 11:00 p.m. last night, so I missed it. It sounds interesting, though.

  8. Nancy LaLiberte

    Taped it and watched it tonight. I thought it was interesting, especially the parts with Esther explaining her past and future. I am not a giant fan of cage fighting (or any other type), so zipped through that.
    I also think running away during the night is fairly universal, both Amish and non-Amish, to avoid a confrontation with the family. I plan to watch upcoming episodes.

  9. Dianne

    I didn’t know it was on, but I will watch it. I hope I can catch the first episode, but on National Geographic, I think they run them pretty often. Kevin, have you read the book called Leaving the Amish by Ira Wagler. It was a really good book. Suggest you read it if you haven’t. Thanks for alerting us to this program, I love anything Amish.

  10. Lynette Sowell

    I thought it was very interesting, and like you said, it was only one view of the ex-Amish. I did enjoy seeing the young woman (can’t remember her name) who went to visit her family and brought her boyfriend to see how she’d grown up. She did point out that she wasn’t shunned because she’d never been baptized into the church. I wonder if that’s universal? One thing that touched my heart is how the episode showed that we’re all looking for a place to belong, no matter what our background, and many people spend their lives on the outside looking in.

    I’m especially looking forward to episode 9 which focuses on Pinecraft in Florida.

  11. linda thomas

    I have seen this one and that one but not all of them.I remember Mose for a “reality show”. and wondered what he was doing now. The episode I watched had gone to Joplin MO after the tornado and helped put on roof. I was glad to see young people put their skills to use.

  12. Em

    I thoroughly enjoy watching this program. I feel the more we understand others the more it brings us together. Family is at the core of all human relationships it’s our first foremost sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. It’s interesting to see how although they yearn for more in their lives their core beliefs are very much intact. Life isn’t always black and white there is alot of grey. Shame some of those young adults have to be both excommunicated by not only the church but their families as well. Wish all of them the Peace of Christ in their journey.

  13. joyce thomas

    are they going to return for another season? if so when? I love this show and hope it comes back again,much better viewing then we can find .


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