News Alerts: Mullet Pleads Not Guilty, Denied Release; Civil Disobedience in Kentucky….

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Two news stories we are following tonight that we’ll be discussing in the days ahead.  Sam Mullet and his followers from the breakaway Amish sect in Bergholz have plead “not guilty” to federal hate crime charges related to the beard cutting attacks, but a federal judge has denied his release on bail. Click here to read the latest from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.     Meanwhile, conservative Amish in Kentucky vowed today to continue with their refusal to display the orange triangle safety emblem on the back of their buggies even if it means continued fines and jail.  Click here to read the latest from the Wall Street Journal.





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  1. Morning Kevin, – Off to Lions, but first the link to Mullet doesn’t come when clicked on. Will check again later.

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  2. lougender says:

    The link to the Sam Mullet story is not working….

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