Old German Baptist Brethren

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The Old German Baptist Brethren is the church that our Plain Kansas writer, Rosanna Bauman, is a member of.  I’m not sure whether she is a member of the New Conference or the Old Conference.  In 2009 there was a split within the church with a portion gravitating towards more worldly ways while another group wished to retain a more traditional way of life. Wikipedia actually has a pretty thorough and well-written entry about the German Baptist Church and their recent splits here.

This is the beautiful new Old German Baptist Church located on Wayne Trace Road southeast of Eaton, Ohio.  The top photo is of the front of the church, while the second photo shows the church from behind.  This building replaced a much older church that sat at the corner of Ohio State Route 725 and Quaker Trace Road.  The district is known as “Lower Twin.”

Click here to watch a short video about the church.  I look forward to learning more about the German Baptist church from Rosanna in her future writings!

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The Discussion

  1. That is one of our beautiful meeting houses. Both New Conference and Old Conference use this building on different Sundays. Peaceful co-existence.

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    • Sharon, thanks for that information, very informative and glad to hear of the peaceful co-existence.

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