Old Order Mennonites Healthier?

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The “duh” headline on this article: “simpler lifestyle may limit exposure to chemicals.”  Really, you don’t say?  Seriously, though, I’m very suspicious of the chemicals found in a ton of stuff. Just because government scientists say something is okay doesn’t mean you should quit questioning. There have been numerous substances and even medicines approved over the years only to be disavowed later.  I’m not some New Age anti-chemical quack, I just think too many people blindly accept stuff without stopping to think about it.  The less we can expose ourselves to bizarre chemicals and toxins, the better off we all are.  Now there is a study examining the environment of Old Order Mennonite women in pregnancy. I find it interesting that the study limits itself to OOMs, a bit more obscure group than the OOA.  They must have had their reasons for doing it that way.  The study itself is quite small – only 10 women – but the results are noteworthy.  Click here to read the full study synopsis.

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