Beautiful Onion Sets

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This is a photo of onions I took at Lovina’s one summer afternoon.  She has a perfect spot sort of under her porch for hanging the onion sets for storage and drying.

 So with the spring and summer gardening seasoning beginning with increased intensity as we get into May I thought you all would like to see the photo.  Also, note that this is the entrance to Lovina’s basement.  This, I believe, was taken shortly after their house was completed so there was still some dirt and debris around the entrance.  But this also is where the Eicher family holds church services when it is their turn and will be their turn next month.  Some Amish do hold church services in the main part of their house, while others hold them in an outbuilding or, in the Eicher’s case, the basement. This is so convenient for summer-time church.  #1), guests can enter through these doors and never really have to enter any other part of the house and #2) the basement is nice and cool, perfect for summer-time services.  Of course just because services are held in the basement doesn’t mean the Eichers won’t be getting their whole house spic, span, and clean.  They absolutely will, church provides the perfect excuse to do a thorough cleaning of the house. There is plenty of parking in the lawn just outside this door so that guests can park their buggies and go right in for church.  This will be a busy scene in just about six weeks!

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