Packing Up

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A group of ultra-conservative Amish are pulling up stakes from their home in northern Cambria County, Pennsylvania and heading for what they hope is a more bureaucratically hospitable place in the Empire State.  On this website, we covered a dispute among Swartzentruber Amish and local authorities of outhouse waste disposal extensively when it was in the headlines back in 2011. A couple of Amish men even went to jail instead of complying with local raw sewage disposal ordinances. Despite every attempt to resolve the issue with the county, the Amish there just feel there is no future for them in Cambria County.  I am sure part of their quibble is the monetary cost of complying with local environmental regulations, but there are also philosophical and theological issues at stake and the Amish are holding their ground or in this case, leaving it. Read more here.

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  1. kentuckylady717 says:

    Well I say let them move…..they need to abide with what the town they live in says…..just like the other people who live there…..I’m sure there will be laws in New York that they will have to abide with also…..I’d say it probably was to get away from the head of the church whom was making all the rules for them and they just didn’t like that either….so they needed an excuse to move !!!!! I have to abide with rules where I live and maybe I don’t agree with them all either…but if I live here that is what I will do……..just sayin……………

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