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Tomorrow’s “Plain Kansas” column from Rosanna Bauman will feature a first-hand account of her visit to the Old German Baptist Brethren “annual meeting.”  This event is held in a different German Baptist church district each year and draws thousands of Brethren from across the country for several days of worship and fellowship.  The church stakes out its direction for the year ahead and young people get a chance to mix and mingle with others their age from different districts.

Meanwhile I wanted to share a couple of photos from Rosanna’s homestead.  Like the Amish, German Baptists hold food, family, and faith in the highest esteem.  This is a photo from around the Bauman supper table at the tail end of winter.  During the winter about 50 percent of their meals consist of home-grown farm fare,, with the rest being grocery store stuff.  During the summer and fall almost 100 percent of the ingredients on the supper table are home grown.  One indulgence the hard-working Bauman family enjoys:  chocolate milk!

“That chocolate milk container in the center of the table is a 72 serving size and we go through one of those a week…we drink it for our breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” Rosanna laughed. But she explained that the milk itself is straight from their cows.

Rosanna is at the front right. Her brother across the table is eating a hamburger made from beef raised on their farm, which is a rarity for on their supper table.

“We usually don’t get to eat many of our own hamburgers because they sell out,” Rosanna explains.

As for the bottle of store-bought ketchup on the table?

“We do a lot of home-canning, but we can’t can everything our family consumes.   When we can tomatoes we are usually making salsa, soups, pizza sauce…We eat a lot of spaghetti here so the sauce is handy,” Rosanna says.  Each meal begins with a prayer, a way to appreciate the bounty before them after a long day’s work.

As for the photo below? Rosanna explains:

“That is our entertainment. The photo looks staged but that is how we really do it, the aunts and uncles (and Dad) all form circle.”

In this case, this is Rosanna’s niece Ava, 1, enjoying the attention of her family.

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