Pictures of Plain Kansas

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Rosanna Bauman’s Plain Kansas column will be posted tomorrow (Thursday) and I think we’ll stick with her on Thursdays and Mahlon on Fridays.  Rosanna’s schedule is more conducive for a Thursday column.  So for those wanting their “Plain Kansas” fix today, I thought I’d share a few pictures. A couple of weeks ago Rosanna wrote about an unruly steer on her farm.  Below is a photo of Rosanna’s father and one of her brother’s discussing “steer strategy.”  Also, below is a photo of children gathering at the Annual Meeting of German Baptists that Rosanna wrote about last week.   This is an opportunity for the church’s youngest members to meet, mingle, and mix and form life-long friendships.

  And lastly a peaceful prairie picture from her corner of Kansas. For the full Plain Kansas archive, click here.

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