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(Editor’s Note: there was a “link error” in today’s email blast, if you were looking for the review of Amish Cooks Across America, click here) Tomorrow is Rosanna’s Plain Kansas column so I thought I’d share a few fun farm scenes from their homestead.  The above photo has me in awe, but that’s just because as my wife put it, “I’m a city boy” (I don’t think it’s so much that, rather it has more to do with the fact that I don’t like heights!)  But, Holy Cow, look at Rosanna’s 13-year-old sister, Joanna, shimmying up this pole! There’s a little pipe that runs parallel to the pole providing a perfect climbing post for an adventurous, nimble young one.  This utility pole has to be close to 40 feet tall and Rosanna told me Joanna was close to the top when the photo was taken.

Another pretty picture from Rosanna’s area is the old meetinghouse for the area’s German Baptist congregation surrounded by beautiful Kansas wildflowers,  The Garnett congregation recently moved into a newer meetinghouse so this building is used as a community gathering spot. Looks like a gorgeous place to gather!

And lastly, sunrises and sunsets are extra beautiful on the wide vistas of the Great Plains. The open spaces give everything a sense of gravity and awesomeness, uninterrupted by needless buildings or power poles.  This is one such sunrise on the Bauman farm. Stay tuned for Rosanna’s column tomorrow!

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  1. My husband “collects” sunrises, and I have to admit that you just don’t get vistas like that in NJ.

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  2. Rosanna certainly has a talent for photography (as well as writing)!

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