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Plain Kansas
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I just thought I’d share a few photos from the Bauman family farm in Kansas.  The Old Order Amish and Mennonites generally prohibit themselves from being photographed (with some exceptions), but the German Baptist church generally welcomes cameras. Like the Amish, the German Baptists are a Plain church.but their historical roots are somewhat divergent.  An informative and easy-to-read article appeared in the Mennonite Weekly Review last week that explores the roots of the Old German Baptist Brethren.

Meanwhile, here are a few scenes from Rosanna Bauman’s Plain Kansas.  Some people wonder what the Bauman family does for entertainment?  One popular past-time: checkers.  Plain Kansas Plain Kansas Plain Kansas Kevin, 20, and Stephen, 19, play an intense match as their 13-year-old sister Joanna and Rosanna’s grandparents look on.  Below that, Rosanna’s Mom, Yvonne, and Joanna bottle-feed a young lamb.  Such chores are a constant on the busy family farm. And then I thought I would leave you with a pretty prairie picture of chicken-feeding time on the Kansas prairie at twilight. How peaceful looking!


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About Plain Kansas

The Discussion

  1. Cheryl says:

    very nice….

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  2. I see a lamb on the right of the picture, but it looks like they are actually feeding a calf with the bottle.

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  3. Sue Garner says:

    My family lives in Topeka, Ks. I was wondering where the Rosanna Bauman family lives. We have a large garden and sell fresh vegetables here at our home. I also cook much like the Plain People. I really enjoyed the book The Amish Cook by Elizabeth Coblentz. I still refer to it often. Thanks for all the tips and ideas. Sue Garner

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    • Sue, Rosanna and her family live near Garnett in the eastern part of the state. Thanks for stopping by! – Kevin

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