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Plain Kansas

Rosanna Bauman, age 25, is German Baptist Brethren. She is a writer, farmer, and speaker and lives on a rural Kansas farm she shares with her parents and 4 siblings. The Brethren Church, is often mistaken for Amish or Mennonites, but the Brethren have different historical and theological roots. The Brethren Church is a "Plain" church. Members dress plainly and, like the Amish, are pacifists, but they do use cars and phones.

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  1. John A. Chontofalsky

    Rosanna and family – thank you so very much for sharing your daily life with me. Reminds me of growing up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Granted my family only had four and a half acres. As a young teen I helped neighbors with haying and combining. What a wonderful hard life you life daily to put food on my table.


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