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Plain Kansas

Rosanna Bauman, age 25, is German Baptist Brethren. She is a writer, farmer, and speaker and lives on a rural Kansas farm she shares with her parents and 4 siblings. The Brethren Church, is often mistaken for Amish or Mennonites, but the Brethren have different historical and theological roots. The Brethren Church is a "Plain" church. Members dress plainly and, like the Amish, are pacifists, but they do use cars and phones.

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  1. Karen

    I’m just about speechless!

  2. Cheryl

    I’m with Karen….

  3. Mary

    Well Rosanna, You are one brave lady. You couldhave tripped so easy on the hem of your dress.

  4. Barb

    Rosanna, you have a lot more intestinal fortitude than I have.

  5. Carolyn

    Rosanna you are definitely a woman after my own heart. Although I do not know how you pulled it off in your long dress, and kept yourself looking like you just walked out through the church door. I was born in Galena Ka. and have only been back there once. It was a coal mining town. My Grandfather actually owned and operated one of the mines ( way back in the day). However it does not look like a place I would want to call home, but would love to explore it if I were younger.How I envy you but am very happy that you are able to do these things that you so enjoy while you are young.


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