Plain Past: Flashback to 1987

Plain Past: Flashback to 1987, 9.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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Ah…March 1987…what were you doing then? As you can see below (not sure what the scuff in the photo is, but oh well) I was a sophomore at Middletown High School.

 My driver’s license was still several months away and when I did get it, I’d enjoy the 65 cent a gallon gasoline at the time.  SIGH, why does yesteryear always seem more appealing than today?  Wish I could zip back in time a bit and converse that kid, would have saved a lot of pitfalls on the road ahead!:)  Oh well, back to the topic at hand.

At the end of March 1987 People Magazine ran an article that was a fun, puff piece and it made an impression on me, I guess.  I was still really a year away from delving into the Amish as a high school research paper, but maybe this article stuck with me in some way.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it this morning in People’s archives.  Pretty neat:)   The thing that is missing, though, was a photo…a fun, posing photo of a bunch of Amish men out by their mailboxes with their last names prominently displayed on the box.  Kalona, Iowa, as a whole, is a bit more progressive of a settlement, but the posing photo seems out of character even for them.  But, you know, those were also more innocent times…Exploitative reality TV was a long way off still and I guess that they just figured “what the heck?”   Here is a link to that People Magazine article.  

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  1. I was working at Inland Steel @ that time……..northwest indiana……
    I graduated high school in 1972……..,.

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