Rainy Berne Afternoon

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I was passing through Berne, Indiana today and saw some scenes of stoicism: will a little rain stop these hardy souls?  Nah. The Amish of Berne, Indiana travel in open buggies, but they can’t let storms have their life come to a standstill. Instead, they carry massive black umbrellas to shield them from the rain.  This buggy is at a stop sign waiting to turn.  Note the umbrella on the left side to ward off a westerly rain.  The little boy with his hat is snuggled against his Mom and under the cover of the umbrella. Cute scene.

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The Discussion

  1. Kentuckylady717 says:

    Just wondering why they don’t have enclosed buggies for bad weather ? Is this something they don’t believe in or what ??? I can’t see that being wrong…or maybe it’s just too expensive……

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  2. Barb Wright says:

    Cute picture of the young man! Seems like kids never mind the rain..I remember running around in downpours as a kid. Now I run for cover!!

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