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Plain Kansas

Rosanna Bauman, age 25, is German Baptist Brethren. She is a writer, farmer, and speaker and lives on a rural Kansas farm she shares with her parents and 4 siblings. The Brethren Church, is often mistaken for Amish or Mennonites, but the Brethren have different historical and theological roots. The Brethren Church is a "Plain" church. Members dress plainly and, like the Amish, are pacifists, but they do use cars and phones.

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  1. Wendy P

    Setting a grass fire would terrify me, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Around here, flooding is our most common problem, along with falling trees and branches.

    There sure is a lot more to farming than most people realize. I hope you can find a good mouser soon. Surely the one you found was not a loner.

  2. dynnamae

    Hello Rosanna. I just love your posts about farm life. It gave me quite a laugh to discover Missy isn’t interested in catching mice. I pray all goes well with this years burn off. May all the hay stay safe from shifting winds.


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