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Plain Kansas

Rosanna Bauman, age 25, is German Baptist Brethren. She is a writer, farmer, and speaker and lives on a rural Kansas farm she shares with her parents and 4 siblings. The Brethren Church, is often mistaken for Amish or Mennonites, but the Brethren have different historical and theological roots. The Brethren Church is a "Plain" church. Members dress plainly and, like the Amish, are pacifists, but they do use cars and phones.

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  1. Buddy Samuels

    I have so very much enjoyed reading Rosanna’s column. Her articles are very interesting. She has a knack for relating as a good friend and I really appreciate that!

  2. Diana H

    Being a “city girl” myself, there are certainly lots of concerns to think about
    before leaving the farm for several days. Glad to hear she finally got to meet
    you and Rachel. Her trip to Wisconsin should prove interesting. Don’t
    forget to check out the cheese curds.

  3. Linda from KY

    What a delightful column entry. I’m so glad you’ve added Rosanna to this website.

    Rosanna, I pray you enjoy your visit to Wisconsin. Have fun snuggling those new babies! 🙂

  4. Vanessa Zumwalt

    I, too, enjoy reading Rosanna’s day-to-day life on a working Kansas farm. Her writing makes it easy for me to visualize the happenings she is talking about.

    Thank you, Rosanna, for sharing your life with us.


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