Saturday Blogroll: Amish horsepower, forced medical care, Antietam, and an Off-Base Blog…

Saturday Blogroll: Amish horsepower, forced medical care, Antietam, and an Off-Base Blog..., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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Time for our weekly cruise through the blogosphere to see what is going on out there on the World Wide Web.  Got a bunch of items of interest today (and one of disinterest).  Check it out here:

1) AMISH HORSEPOWER – Tom on Backroadstraveler shares some wonderfully pastoral Amish farming photos.  Great way to get a feel for the agrarian lifestyle this time of year. Click here for some superb photos.

2) FORCED CARE?    This story is grabbing headlines and it’s not really a blog but I thought we could discuss here.  A hospital in Ohio is actually suing  Amish parents to force them to let them treat their 10-year-old daughter for cancer with chemotherapy.  Tough call here. I wish had the answers….The parents decisions could ultimately cost their daughter her life.  Yet, I hate seeing anyone forced into something like chemotherapy….What do you think?  Read more here.  By the way, being adverse to modern medicine is not an “Amish” philosophy.  This is obviously something the individual parents here feel strongly about, but many Amish are very open to the use of modern medicine.

3) COMMEMORATING ANTIETAM:  This is an interesting article about the role of German Baptists in one of the bloodiest battles of The Civil War.

4)  MISINFORMATION:  I hesitate to give the writer of such a harshly written post about the Amish any attention, yet such a rant really is symbolic of the misinformation out there about the Amish.  People either put them on an unrealistically high pious pedestal, which is unfair to them or they totally tear them down, which is unfair to them.  This writer manages to do both.  I could write 10 pages refuting what the author writes. WARNING: Coarse language aplenty on this blog so do not read if that bothers you. Click here to read this bizarre rant about the Amish.



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The Discussion

  1. Kevin,
    Once again thanks for the link. Have a great week.

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  2. I think you missed my entire “misinformation rant” – at the end I highlighted that in fact there is not a one size fits all Amish however there are different groupings within their culture. I drew a parallel to our political system in that we are a democracy, but there are different components of our system (republican/democratic/liberal/tea party).

    I have had numerous conversations with people who are under the false impression that anyone wearing the typical Amish style dress are in fact Amish. However, many times these individuals are Mennonite.

    I would treat your writings with respect, and observance that although we may not agree I would not call them stupid. Also my post was based upon actual experience, the pictures are from actual occurrence. Nothing in my post was fabricated. My daughter did go on a tour and was fed food that was worse than I what I would put on my table. Also, I have witnessed the youth drinking with open bud light cans while driving their buggies. The teenage son did tell his father that after 6 hours of work he was done.

    If you feel that my writings are stupid I kindly request you remove your link to my blog and feel free to not visit again.

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    • I do apologize for calling your post “stupid”. I sincerely and genuinely apologize and I’ve removed that language. I’m always seeking to educate, and part of that is a civil, constructive, again, calling a piece of writing “stupid” has no place in such a conversation…it was a knee-jerk reaction. I do have genuine areas of disagreement with your post and maybe I’ll elaborate soon on those….

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  3. I personally think, the hospital and the nurse, are TOO involved in someone’s life..they are not doing it for the good of the child, they are doing it for THEIR own selves..I read the article in the paper today and it really peeved me- it was the nurse who started it, she thought SHE knew better than the parents…..I knew a nurse once, that thought she knew what was good for people, and she almost cost a family their child! and, needless to say, was not a much liked person, to this day. I think it IS about the family being Amish, and the nurse is a nosey nusciance.

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  4. The above blog writer, is not worth your time or care on……she is among the millions of Americans that refuse to be totally educated…they like being partially educated, and so, make all their decisions and remarks, on basis of non-information. Foul mouths go no where…which is why she is so foul mouthed, she has gone no where….I feel sorry for her…..and her kids..she is raising another generation just like her, not better than her. every parent I know, wants their kids to be better than they are, in all things. You will find that out soon enough!! She is not worth my time to read…..if she were in a newspaper, would demand that paper remove her. She offers nothing, to anyone.

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