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The Rebecca series has been   fun to pen.  There are a lot of autobiographical elements to it, so as I writer I am quite connected to the characters and I hope that shows when you read it.  Whenever I construct an Amish fiction story I do try to base it as much on reality as possible so that people can read my stories and be entertained but also educated.  Writing Amish-themed fiction in this realistic mold has become easier because when you think of all the unusual Amish stories in the news over the past couple of years: the Bergholz beard cutters, the Monroe Beachy investment fiasco, raw milk raids, and other stranger-than-fiction tales, it makes one not have to look very hard for material. I found that also to be true when penning my much longer novel, Abraham’s Redemption.  Stay tuned for more information about that book in the near future.  To enjoy reading Searching for Rebecca, you really should start at the beginning with Rebecca at the Beach (available on Kindle and as a physical book.)

Purchase the physical book of Searching for Rebecca from Amazon.

I’ll be posting again when Searching for Rebecca is available in Kindle, hopefully in the next couple of days, so stay tuned!:)

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