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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Jennifer Bellanger

    Here in the New Orleans area we have lost so many businesses since Hurricane Katrina. I live across the river from New Orleans and we are more suburban/country than the Eastbank so losing stores means we have to travel across the river. We have one mall on the Westbank of which half the stores never came back and now Sears and Macy’s going and the consensous around here is Penny’s won’t be around much longer. Kmart closing, Toys R Us closing, Hancock material stores gone, no Joanne’s material store on our side of river, Avondale Shipyard closed (employed over 5000 people of which my husband and I were 2 of). We hang in there as it has to eventually get better. Figure we are on the down slope of the mountain and will have to start climbing some time. One bright spot in my day is reading your blogs and exploring your website (oh those wonderful pictures and recipes). Love hearing about the girls and the places you go and being a Kansas gal I get homesick when you show the seasonal changes. Keep up the good work you do in making us feel better when the going gets rough. Bless you and your family.

    1. Kevin

      Jennifer, thank you for the retail report from New Orleans, sounds about like what is happening around my hometown, unfortunately. Where in Kansas are you from?

  2. Linda from KY

    It looks like the Macy’s stores in the Greater Cincinnati area are safe for now. I’m much more nostalgic for Pogue’s, Shillito’s, and McAlpin’s than I ever would be about a Macy’s store closing. My high school required us to get a senior pictures done at Pogue’s. Shillito’s and McAlpin’s had the best clothes for a tiny teen, which is what I was back in the day. As a young mom, I absolutely loved McAlpin’s Midnight Madness Sales. Dillard’s, which bout out McAlpin’s, isn’t the same.

    My concern about Macy’s stores closing around here is that it would pretty much mean the end of some of the malls in the area. The Florence Mall has a Macy’s department store and a Macy’s home garden store as two of their four anchors.

    1. Kevin

      Linda, good memories there about those Midnight Madness sales, I forgot about those! And, yes, Pogue’s, Shillitos, Rikes, all good – and gone – stories…good memories…


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