Signs of the Amish

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As we have discussed on this site before, the Amish are a very entrepreneurial people. As farming has become less and less viable of a way to make a living, the Amish are depending increasingly upon home-based businesses to earn income. Charming, hand-scrawled signs often point the way to the businesses.  Ever mindful of watching pennies, some of the entrepreneurs in the beginning probably figured, why invest in some flashy sign?  Turns out the hand-written signs probably reflect Amish simplicity better and actually draw more business than a gaudy billboard would,.  Some of the signs are more ragged looking than others.  The signs – not surprisingly – reflect very well what items a region is known for.

Do you recognize any of these signs?  Read on to find out which settlements they are from.

The snowy sign scene is from the Conewango Valley of New York, where fresh-made maple syrup straight from the sugar bush draws customers from all over to the sprawling Amish community here.

Villa Country Store is in the settlement of Flat Rock,Illinois.  I’m not surprised one of the businesses on this “sign stand” is for deer processing. Venision is plentiful on the menus of the Amish in Flat Rock.  The “cider, eggs, honey” sign is from the Hardin County, Ohio Amish community. The “slat signs” are popular there, so produce grower can add and remove signs depending on what is in season and for sale.  The final two signs are from the Swartzentruber Amish community in Ethridge, Tennessee.

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The Discussion

  1. Sure wish I lived close to an Amish community. I’d sure enough by from them, can’t beat the honesty they have.

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  2. I have photographed the signs at the corner of Young Rd and Route 62 in Conewango many times, but never in the winter. The sugar shack that you had in a earlier post was great…I am been in it many times at “sugaring time”.

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  3. Dorothy Shaulis says:

    I have seen homemade signs a lot, as I live very close to Amish around here near Shanksville, Brotherton and Salisbury, PA. There is an Amish “Country Pantry” on the road to Shanksville less than a mile from my house. They sell a lot of bulk food items.

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