St. Ignatius Beauty…..

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I’ve written about my visit to St. Ignatius, Montana.  In my mind, it has to rank up there as one of the most beautiful Amish communities. Framed by the backdrop of the stunning Mission Mountains, the scenery is just incredible.  The Amish settlement is in the valley.  The valley floor is as flat as a 2 X 4, so buggies and bicycles are easy modes of transportation.  So where was this Amish cyclist headed?  It was a beautiful Sunday evening in October and Amish residents streamed out of their houses and headed to an evening church singing and potluck.  And when the young cyclist arrived, there were scores of people at the church and a fun evening of singing and eating awaiting. This is a photo of one of the tables full of food – delicious food:) – that was prepared.  This is the dessert table, another table had the main dishes on it.

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