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CAPTION: Teacher Mahlon’s school.  His bike sits out front, he’ll often pedal to work instead of taking the buggy.

Since it is Friday, usually “Teacher Mahlon’s” column would appear in this spot. Yesterday, however, turned out to be a day full of drama for Mahlon Miller in a month already full of it for him.  One of Mahlon’s neighbors homes burned to the ground and the neighbor found himself airlifted to a Fort Wayne hospital for treatment for burns.  Best that can be pieced together at this time is that there was a mishap with a gas stove.  Everyone did make it out of the house alive due to the quick thinking of the family patriarch who quickly realized there was a problem and warned everyone out.  Once the house was engulf, Mahlon was there lending a hand.  One of the girls in that house is one of Mahlon’s students. Mahlon told me, probably accurately, that these types of tragedies hit there area harder than most because everyone is so close.  People are either related, worship together, or attend school with one another.  Let’s hope for a speedy recovery for all involved and I look forward to having Mahlon back next week!

So, in case you missed it earlier this summer, I will re-post a video tour I conducted of inside Mahlon’s school and we’ll look forward to having him back next week! Click here for the tour.


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The Discussion

  1. hi, is there an address that folks like us reading this online can send needed items for this family that had the house fire? i am assuming that they lost everything.


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    • Yes, they did and that is very generous of you to ask. You can send to Mahlon and he’ll get it to his neighbor…send to: Mahlon Miller, 1090 N. 1150 W. — MIDDLEBURY IN 46540

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