Teacher Mahlon: Life in Pictures

Teacher Mahlon: Life in Pictures, 8.6 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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Teacher Mahlon’s column will return next week.  But I wanted to share a few serene scenes from up Mahlon’s way.

Mahlon’s students spelled out a message to everyone – Give Thanks – in white styrofoam cups on their baseball backstop as a timely Thanksgiving reminder.    And then there is a larger, wider shot showing all the bicycles parked at the school, waiting for the children to be dismissed for the day.  In northern Indiana traditional pedal bikes are permitted and young people use them as their main mode of transport.

Mahlon’s house remodeling looks like it is going well and welcoming his ever-expanding family.  It looks serene at sunset.

And one of Mahlon’s equine family members meanders by a fenceline.

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