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Mahlon Miller is an organic farmer, writer and teacher in Northern Indiana. He is Old Order Amish and teaches grades 1-8 in the nearby Amish schoolhouse. His column, Teacher Mahlon, appears occasionally on Amish365.com as he shares his insights and exploits from the school. Mahlon and his wife, Marietta, have five daughters.

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  1. Karen

    Love your writing style. I felt like I was there with your family as you solved each problem and eventually got all the hay baled and into the barn before the rain.

  2. dynnamae

    Well done, Mahlon. Even with all the problems, you and your brother persevered and got the job done. My sons do hay on our small farm. I hear their stories of problems but there isn’t the funny part about lost shoes to lighten the stress. I so love your style of writing. It is informative, uplifting at times, funny sometimes and just like you are telling us your story. I hope you have a great school year and feel your students are blessed with you for their teacher.

  3. Beth

    I just love Mahlon’s stories. I too feel like I am right there with him and I have to admit I skimmed the article until I saw where they had gotten all the hay up before the rains came. I just had to know the ending!! Whew…close call!!

  4. Dawn

    Great story! Funny pun~Hay!
    New things to me (hay balers/fly wheels/pins etc.)
    Glad you all got it done, beat the jinx & the rain-

  5. Russell Duke

    Great story of life. How true in day to day life projects that no tassel out hassel.

  6. ann

    We can surely sympathize. It’s a good feeling to have it all in and all done, and maybe the gas cap will turn up sometime!


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