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Mahlon Miller is an organic farmer, writer and teacher in Northern Indiana. He is Old Order Amish and teaches grades 1-8 in the nearby Amish schoolhouse. His column, Teacher Mahlon, appears occasionally on Amish365.com as he shares his insights and exploits from the school. Mahlon and his wife, Marietta, have five daughters.

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  1. Kentuckylady717

    Congrats to Mahlon on #5…., now Kevin, you have some catching up to do…are you and Rachael having a girl or boy, or is it a secret 🙂 make sure you send us all an email and a picture….I am so happy for you. Kids are a gift from GOD and I only had (2) and love them so much…wouldn’t take all the money in the world for them….but wouldn’t give you 2 cents for (2) more just like them…. LOL…..not really, just heard this from someone else and thought it was too cute to not share 🙂

    Looking forward to Mahlon’s next article and info about the little addition…..

  2. Lori N.

    Congratulations on the pending new additions to Teacher Mahlon–as well as you, Kevin! I was wondering if it is Amish superstition or custom or something else entirely, that we seemingly never hear of women being pregnant. All of a sudden we will read that Lovina had a new baby. Just curious; have never seen it discussed before.

    1. Kevin

      Lori, thank you. I think it’s more custom than superstition, a pregnancy is a blessed event, but maybe not one that is trumpeted a lot in advance…


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