Teacher Mahlon, Will He Stay?

Teacher Mahlon, Will He Stay?, 9.6 out of 10 based on 13 ratings
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Teacher Mahlon has proved to be popular with readers!

Click here to see survey results.   94.4 percent of you wanted to see the column added as a permanent feature on the website.  Of course, like anything, finding the $$ to do it is the challenge. I’ll try to find a business to sponsor his column and I’ll do everything I can to bring him back beginning next Friday.  Like Lovina and Rosanna, Mahlon is just a very kind person, very willing to let us into his life and share and for that I’m appreciative. I really am going to make every effort to keep him, so stay tuned!Meanwhile, while I figure out how to keep on the website, here are some photos from his homestead to tide you over this week.  Take a look at these gorgeous pot-holders!

I don’t typically get excited over pot-holders, but these are hand-made by Mahlon’s 91-year-old grandmother.  “She’s slowing down a bit,” Mahlon told me.  She used to craft huge quilts, but these pot-holders are more her speed now.  I’d love to sit down and talk with her sometime. I find living history of the Amish church to be quite fascinating and I imagine a 91-year-old would have many stories to share.

Below is a photo of Mahlon’s father carrying some apples to the cider press.  Yum, that has my mind drifting to autumn: homemade cider. Wow, that sounds good now!

The last photo I thought I’d share with you is a shot of Mahlon’s grandmother’s garden taken last year.  Look at all the pretty flowers! Mahlon says his grandmother doesn’t grow many vegetables anymore, but her garden is full of well-tended flowers.


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