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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Barb W.

    Today is our 36th wedding anniversay, but we probably won’t to anything until this week end. We like to avoid the crowds.

    1. Kevin

      Happy Anniversary, Barb!

  2. Connie

    We will celebrate with chinese food at home and movie watching in front of the fireplace. >Sigh<

  3. mrs.mcintyre

    today is our 20th anniversay, and my wonderful husband is repainting our 2 story home. we had dove candy with lunch and will go out for lunch on a cheaper day than today. service to each other is so much more meaningful than commercialism.

  4. Theresa

    Sorry, but to me valentine’s is just a halmark holliday. Just a way for companies to make that extra dollar. If you other half treats you with love & kindness all year long, there’s no need to set aside one day out of the year for them to show their affection.

  5. Diann B.

    I got my Valentine a sweet card, a box of Esther Price candy, made a nice pork chop dinner and a chocolate pie with pat-a-pan pie crust for dessert. Still spoiling him after 30+ years. 🙂


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