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CAPTION:  This is some homemade ice cream we enjoyed at an Amish home in Flat Rock, Illinois on a warm summer’s day! – Kevin Williams

It is the middle of January and we are getting more snow.  We have had our share of winter weather this month.  My husband Joe and daughter Elizabeth didn’t go back to the factories until January 9 because of all the snow we got. They had a longer holiday break than they expected.  The school’s doors also stayed closed for three more days after their Christmas vacation.  The house seemed really quiet on January 9 when everyone finally left for the day again.

We enjoyed being “snowed in” for a few days. But with temperatures below zero it was too cold to go out to enjoy it. We have completed two puzzles that are 1000 piece puzzles over these winter storms.  It seems every puzzle goes together faster than the one before, now that the children can help put it together instead of mess it up as they would do when they were toddlers. I remember sometimes a puzzle would get messed up two to three times and then maybe a piece was missing before it was completed. Now we can leave it unattended with no little ones in the house.

Daughter Susan will have her 18th birthday next week on January 24.  Our second daughter has reached adulthood. Time does not stand still for anyone. Susan was born at home with Joe’s Aunt Sylvia being my midwife.  We had quite a time finding a ride for her to go home the eight miles. Snow drifts were piled as high as our trailer home windows. We lived in a trailer home at my parents at that time. How thankful we felt that Susan was born without any major problems during a winter storm like that. Susan is now a lively energetic young lady and loves to spend time with horses and ponies. Writing stories is also a hobby for her.

January 9 also brought back sad memories of a year ago when brother Amos was in an accident that took the lives of two of my first cousins. I am sure their lonely wives and families have had a long year of missing their loved ones. In a matter of seconds our lives could be changed. Only God knows what lies ahead of each of us. Let us always let “Him” guide us and accept the changes life brings.

Right now it is snowing so hard that visibility isn’t good. I hope and pray everyone will get home safely from work and school.

I need to get busy. Seemed like I didn’t have time to sit down to write a column but once again I waited until the last day to get this in the mail.  We have been making ice cream with our hand-cranked ice cream freezer. I will share my recipe.

Editor’s Note:  The USDA advises against consumption of anything containing uncooked eggs. Readers accept responsibility of any health risks associated with the recipe.


6 eggs

3 1 /2 cups sugar

4 teaspoons vanilla

1 teaspoon salt

1 box vanilla instant pudding

3 cups milk

3 cans Milnot or cream

Beat eggs and beat in rest of ingredients. Pour into a 6 quart freezer can and freeze in an ice cream maker.

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The Discussion

  1. I would still love to hear what their imaginative creative gifts each other were for their Christmas exchange. In some past descriptions I have wondered why I had not thought of it.
    Are they beginning another polar experience right now or is their area over their step in the process ??
    RE the egg I bet it will turn out without it if one s concerned. Plus they probably have their own eggs and know the conditions of handling etc so are less concerned than we have to be with the regular recalls we have to be concerned about.

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  2. farmhousebarb says:

    It seems funny to hear Lovina speak of her children as “older”. I have been reading about them since most were babies! My own kids and grandkids are like weeds..but since I don’t see the Eichers,it seems like they shouldn’t be that old! Time does march on for sure. We have been making ice cream,too. It is a good use for the abundant ice!! I have always cooked my custard base because that is how my mom did it. I wouldn’t be afraid to do it like Lovina does,though,since I raise my own chickens.

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  3. If you’re worried about raw eggs, you can buy pasteurized eggs, or pasteurize them yourself. It’s really very easy:
    Wendy P recently posted..DaisyMy Profile

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  4. Just wanted to let you know I like your email page and this page. The home made ice cream sounds really good.

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