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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Julie Swisher

    You wrote a very interesting column for your mom. I’m sure she enjoyed your helping out, keep up the good work, you have lots of potential as a writer. Congratulations on turning 12, that is an important age to be. We will try the coffee soup recipe, I haven’t had that since I was little and at my grandparents farm. We will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers.
    A friend in Indiana.

  2. Corine"Corky" Cunningham

    I was raised on a farm in upstate NY but I now reside in Washington state..I am not familiar with detasseling corn…how and why do it???? My husband was raised on a farm also and he doesn’t know why.

    1. Denise

      It is a way to take 2 different kinds of corn and remove the tassels of one kind (detasseling) before it pollinates. Then the other kind pollinates the first, creating a hybrid corn. The “new” mature corn is then harvested, dried, and used for seed corn to plant in fields. Hybrids are created to combine good qualities from two different kinds of corn, creating a better crop. A good quality might be drought resistant, for instance. Can you tell I’m from Iowa, the Tall Corn Sate?

  3. thelma stafford

    Hello from Ks. I would also like to know why corn has to be detasseled. also i would to know how to make pon hos. We used to make when i was a kid back in w.v. I make it some times, but not like i remember it . I read your colum in the Hutchenson news in hutchinson Ks. Thank you

  4. Joy Hill

    Loretta. You did a good job with your writing! Mom may have to relinquish that job. =) I’m so sorry about you and your sister having MS. I have no idea how frustrating it must be, but you both sound like real “troopers”. My prayer is for continued strength and comfort. Blessings! BTW belated birthday greetings!

  5. Jan Landwehr

    Hi Loretta, I certainly enjoyed your column this week. I laughed when you said you fell down getting out of the water because my husband and I had the same problrm when we were at the beach during the winter.The only difference is, we are in our early 70s and our knees are not so good either.I hope this makes you feel a little better visualizing two old people trying to get beck up on the beach,
    If you can’t go detasseling with your sisters. maybe you can do some babysitting or something less strenuous. Have a great summer and please write again soon.

  6. Karen

    Nice article, Loretta. You and your sisters are in my prayers each night to help you cope with your MD. I also remember your whole family as you all are putting your lives back together after the fire. So glad your family was able to enjoy some vacation time at the lake.

  7. Dawn Kirk

    How does one write to the family? In care of the newspaper Oasis?
    I thought your column was very interesting,Loretta.
    My twin boys both have a mild form of autism,they are not identical twins & the way their autism shows is also very different .Don’t know if you know exactly what that is,it’s sort of a thinking disorder.
    It’s good to laugh about things ,esp.when life is frustrating!
    I also have a daughter & another 12 year old boy.
    Hope you’ll write another column again! It is neat how several members of your family sometimes write in place of your mom.Also hope you’ll find some pen pals with muscular dystrophy who’ll help you out sharing your feelings:)

  8. Theresa

    Loretta, Happy Bleated Birthday to you, you are a very good writer. I do hope you get many letters from those with Muscular Dystrophy. It will help you & them to talk about it. Sounds like you had lots of fun camping! I haven’t fished in quite some time, wouldn’t mind getting a license & going again.
    Prayers to you & your family Theresa

  9. Angie Yoder

    Loretta, you did a wonderful job writing the article for your mom this week. I bet she is so proud of you! My daughter Allison is about to turn 12 as well and she read your article and said “Wow! She is a good writer for being a kid like me!” I think you are very brave in facing what you are with such a good spirit and so much faith in God. It’s easy to have faith when everything is good in our lives, but it’s keeping that faith when things are hard that makes us stronger and closer to the image of God that He wants us to be. You and your sister (and your whole family!) are in my family’s prayers every night. Hang in there and, as Allison said, “I don’t have MD but if Loretta wants just a pen pal who is her age and likes to write too, I would love to write her!” 🙂

    Angie and Allison Yoder

  10. Linda Clark

    Wow Loretta what talent you have! You also show a lot of good sense and bravery. I am sorry that you have this problem with your “knee giving out” and weakness in your hands. As adults, we wish these things didn’t happen to one turning 12. Happy late Birthday wishes also! It does seem that you are really smart and that will go a long way for you even when the knee is not doing as you would like. We will keep you and your whole family in our prayers, thank you for sharing this with us. Keep having fun and laughing also, sometimes our best times are the “tough” times.

  11. Tom


    Great job writing your mother’s column. You are a very talented writer and only 12 years old! I am so impressed how much faith you have and want you to know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Faith like yours comes from a very faith-filled, loving family like yours. God bless you all!

  12. Denise


    Very good job on the article. You are a natural writer just like your mother and grandmother.My prayers are with you. You and your sis are an inspiration. Lord be with you.

  13. brenda

    what an interesting and mature column. Since you have a builtin publisher, i think it would be a wonderful idea if you and your sister kept journals about this new journey you are embarking on with the muscular dystrophy and let Kevin get it published for you. There have been other successful books written by folks detailing and inspiring others. You seem to have the writers gene from your grandmother, mother as do some of your sisters. God bless you and keep up the mature and wonderful attitude and most importantly your faith i God.

  14. brenda

    hi not to undermine what momma says about the coffee soup but my grandfather who lived to be 90 yo had his coffee soup with leftovers and biscuits, bread etc. (I do mean leftovers and even saw him add some peas one evening) my grandmother never needed to think about what to do with leftovers..

  15. Jennifer

    Loretta, you are a wonderful writer and a courageous young woman. Keep your spirits high and keep your eyes on the Lord. Someone who I love very much has epilepsy, but I have learned over the years that it’s kind of a blessing because it forces us daily to lean on Jesus instead of ourselves. I hope your journey with muscular dystrophy brings you ever closer to your precious Lord and Savior, who loves you so very much. God’s blessings, sweet girl. Jennifer from FL


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