The Amish Cook, Week of July 8, 2013

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It is July 3rd and 2013 is half over already. We have been having lots of rain. Last week we had a total of 8 inches. Some report more, some less.

All is still quiet around the house this morning so I decided to get up earlier than the rest to write this column. With this being vacation week for my husband Joe and daughter Elizabeth we have been sleeping in longer.  Bedtime is also later with not having to set an alarm. Such nice family time together and memories made.  Sunday evening we took supper to Jacob and Emma’s house. We then went to see how their daughter Elizabeth is faring since her surgery on Thursday. She is doing as well as can be expected.  The men and boys played croquet while the rest of us visited. The 8 player croquet set was a Father’s Day gift to Joe and has been played many times since.

Corn de-tasseling should be starting any day. Daughters Susan and Verena went to help rogue the corn on Saturday. If I understand correctly “to rogue” the corn is to take out the tall unwanted cornstalks out of the cornfields. This is done before the corn is de-tasseled.  The fields were over a mile long and each person takes 12 rows at a time. After all this rain it made for some tough walking. Their shoes were caked with mud when they came home.

On Friday we enjoyed a fish fry at Timothy’s house  Timothy and Elizabeth cooked supper outdoors. Was very enjoyable to relax and not have to cook.

Elizabeth and Loretta went to clean Timothy’s; house on Saturday. I told Elizabeth bring his laundry here to wash on Monday. She bought his curtains, extra bedding, etc to wash as well. Using our spinner, our laundry and his  dried really fast on the lines.  With Timothy working long hours it’s hard for him to keep up with the housework all the time.

Last week we made quite a few batches of strawberry freezer jam. My rhubarbs are looking very nice since the rains so want to makes one more batch of juice

We are enjoying red potatoes, peas, green peppers and hot peppers from the garden. Have small zucchinis almost ready to pick. Red beets are ready to use but am leaving them get bigger to pack pickled beets. Tomato plants are loaded with tomatoes and corn is looking nice again. Our sweet onions are getting very big and doing extra well. The cooking onions I store over the winter are doing great as well. Meal planning is so much easier with the garden goodies. Joe planted another patch of sweet corn yesterday for later use.

Son Kevin, 7, does not get along with our rooster. He usually gathers the eggs and has had a few surprises from behind  from that rooster. We also have a hen with a bad attitude. Daughter Susan came out to the barn and heard this hen really squawking. She could not keep from laughing when she seen Kevin and the hen face to face and the hen’s feathers were all raised. Kevin had an egg aimed to throw at the hen for his protection.
Kevin keeps us all laughing.  He wanted to help me mix Loretta’ birthday cake but after cracking the first egg too hard it fell on the counter-top. He did manage to get the others in the bowl. We a made the cake while Loretta was outside sitting on the swing. We hide it until supper time so Loretta could be surprised. God’s blessings.

Try this  salad with your garden lettuce.


1 head iceberg lettuce or romaine lettuce

1 /2 pounds shredded Cheddar cheese

1 pound bacon, fried and crumbled

6 hard boiled eggs, chopped

2  1 /2 cups corn chips, crushed

1 cup Miracle Whip salad dressing

2 tablespoons vinegar

1 /4 cup milk

1 /4 cup brown sugar

1 /4 cup white sugar

Toss together lettuce, cheese, bacon, and eggs.  Mix together salad dressing, vinegar, milk and sugar and toss with lettuce mixture. Add in corn chips and toss just before serving.

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The Discussion

  1. Linda Bolt says:

    Great recipe, and timely for me, as I just discovered corn chips in my pantry this morning, and was wondering how to use them up!

    Wondering if there is a lot of celery planted in their garden this year? :)

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    • Linda, we’ll see about the celery! And if you do make the salad and are able to take some photos of it for me to post, that would be great!

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  2. Kentuckylady717 says:

    Great article from Lovina. She said they had to de-tassel the corn, just what does that mean ? We grew corn and I don’t recall that….guess my dad just did it and we didn’t know about it LOL….

    Also, what does she do with the rhubarb juice she makes ? Very interesting….as rhubarb is very sour….so that would take a lot of sugar…..does she cook with it, or do they just drink it as a juice , maybe mixed with other fruit…….

    Love reading Lovina’s msgs. sounds like there is always fun at her house :)

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    • I’ll let a farmer answer the question about the corn – but the rhubarb juice recipe has been given out on this website before. You should be able to search and find it.

      Growing up, I had a similar relationship with our gander that Kevin has with Lovina’s rooster. I love geese now, but as a child they always got the better of me!

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  3. Does Timothy live on his own? I always thought the men (women too) stayed with family until they married? Why can’t he do his own laundry, housework, etc.?

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    • Timothy does live on his own and that – at least in some Amish settlements – is quite common before marriage for the man to buy a house, begin to establish roots, etc. As far as doing his own household chores, Lovina wrote in the column that he’s just been extra busy lately at work so he was behind so he called in reinforcements to help him catch up!:)

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