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  1. Theresa

    Lovina, I have had rhubarb in the same spot for years & it never spreads any further. I even let some of it go to seed thinking that the seeds would provide me with more plants. No luck. Is there anything else I should do? I mulch the plants with shredded leaves (maple) in the fall.

    Thanks Theresa

    1. Wilma Walker

      I would try changing where you have it planted. Some plants just don’t like their location. I have done this with vegatables and flower’s. Hope this helps.

      1. Theresa

        This is the 3rd place that i’ts been planted in!! I’ve actually never hear of rhubarb spreading. I only thought it could be propigated by root division

      2. Wendy

        Try amending the soil with some real good composted manure and make sure that your rhubarb is in a sunny place. I moved mine last spring because it didn’t like where it was. I divided the crown up into very small sections and transplanted it int a row of 7 plants in full sun with lots of manure and composted grass and leaves. It went absolutely nuts!!!!! By end of summer you would have thought those plants had been there for years.

      3. Wendy

        another thought would be to start over with new crowns. Yours might just be spent or have some genetic defect.

      4. Theresa

        I do put shredded leaves over the area in the fall, but I’ve never done the manure. How much should I put there? 2-3 inches?

        Thanks Theresa

  2. Barb

    Rhubarb is one thing on my list to get this year. My mom always had enough for both of us but I haven’t had any for years. I have always loved strawberry/rhubarb pie and just sauce. I hope for find some for sale and some in my garden center to buy and to plant!!!

  3. Charlotte

    I have never even seen rhubarb!! I guess maybe something like Whole Foods might carry it – but there’s not one near me. I don’t know that it grows here in the South. Does the plant require cold weather to thrive?

    1. Wendy P

      You only ever see it fresh in the spring. Look for bright, red stalks (the leaves are inedible). Even my tiny grocery store carries it. The rest of the year you can usually find it in the frozen section.


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