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  1. kentuckylady717

    Would love to have a one meal pizza sauce recipe….would Lovina be able to give us one ? This sounds like a great pizza sauce , just don’t want to make this much 🙂
    How about posting her RANGER COOKIE recipes too…..I purchased some a couple of weeks ago at Kroger and they were really good….that is the first time I had eaten Ranger cookies 🙂
    Glad to hear that Loretta is doing better,and also Elizabeth too…..
    Lovina sounds like such a wonderful person, like her mother whom I have read a lot about and feel like I know the family…..
    Take care and keep up the good work…..

  2. Cindy Harrison

    If they have a knitting needle, Loretta might be able to stick it down in the cast to scratch the area that is itching for some relief. And I think I have heard sprinkling some baby powder down in there will also help since there is possibly some moisture build up that causes some of the itching.

  3. Zelka Cani

    I had just finished reading Lovina’s column and could not help but feel sorry for little Loretta not being able to scratch that itch under her cast. Cindy, you beat me to the solution. Yes, a knitting needle is ideal for that. Just gently pass the needle between the cast and the the skin and gently slide it up and down at the area that is itchy. That will relieve the itch. We continue to pray for the girls and their health and they seem like real troupers, making the most of everything and every situation. Let them know not to ever give up but keep going on the positive direction.

  4. the3beersus

    The bad thing with using a knitting needle to scratch..is it can tear at the fragile skin…and you can’t see if you are leaving open scratches….the baby powder is good..if it is unscented…the scent will cause an irritation…corn starch is much better…and a flat ruler is much better to use…..if one has to scratch…it will cover a larger area of skin…and not tend to leave a mark..like a knitting needle will…..the skin is doing its daily sloughing off…plus persperation…which makes it itch……when the cast comes off..she will have a huge “peeling” of all that dead skin anyways..so any irritation ( knitting needle), will be an added irritation and possible sores …..

  5. Tami

    I have to agree with being careful about itching under the cast. I have had 4 knee surgeries which required hip to ankle plaster casts. It is not fun. But, the best thing to do is use a material that is like a harder plastic spatula with no rough corners at all. Even a ruler has edges. Also, I would not recommend any powder of any ch.sort unless the cast is on for a week or two or less. That build up can cause some major dermatitis/infection that will be even worse than the initial need to itch.

    I will say a looped metal hanger that can fit in the cast without being near stitches or staples is the best immediate method for itch relief. Also, prayers for her comfort will really help.
    A former crazy itcher with leg casts on =)

  6. Helen Christensen

    I did not receive this Amish Cook Column in my email this past week. I really miss not getting it.

    1. Kevin

      Sorry, Helen, I was traveling and it just didn’t happen:( I’ll get back on track next week!

  7. Diana H

    Happy to hear that Loretta is getting along well so far. She is doing an
    amazing job getting herself around and to bed. Will continue to pray
    for her and the family, they have had an overload of difficulties
    this year.


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