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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. nancy

    watched ‘breaking amish’ how BOGUS. grew up with plain family and neighbors. no female would wear her covering and/or hair like that, males hairstyles suspect!!

    1. Barb Wright

      I watched that too. I thought it looked hokey as well. The guys had buzz cuts and the girls had plucked eyebrows. It was,honestly,the first reality show I have ever watched..and very likely the last!

  2. Barb Wright

    What a cute story about the “baby powder roads”!! It reminds me of when my boys were little..we made roads for their matchbox cars with masking tape. It didn’t hurt the floors and wasn’t messy. They loved it! The potato dish sounds good..that’s one thing we have plenty of!

  3. Carolyn Kirk

    How nice to hear of a child being happy to receive a bike. Simple toys are the best and a bike is fun and good exercise, although I bet Amish children are a lot more active than others. Kevin, I was thinking about the videos you used to make and post. I really enjoyed them.

  4. lorraine stoddard

    Cake was decorated so nice! I liked the story about the bike trail. Look forward to this colmn everyweek!

  5. lorraine stoddard

    Prayers to Loretta for a safe and successful surgery.

  6. Janet

    Many prayers for Loretta and a belated Happy Birthday to Kevin…. I loved the jelly beans and red licorice vines!!!!

  7. brenda

    well i have been cking most of the day for surgery updates.
    Cute creative bike trails. maybe he needs some sidewlk chalk

  8. Diana H

    Belated 7th Birthday to Kevin and loved the decorated cake – two treats in one.
    Prayers to Loretta for a successful outcome of her surgery and a speedy
    recovery to follow.
    Those buckets of tomatoes and peppers look wonderful and remind me of my
    parents’ garden from many years ago. I am not such a dedicated gardener
    and am fortunate to plant a few flowers in my front yard and keep them going
    thru the awful hot weather we have had the past couple of years.


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