The Amish Cook, Week of September 10, 2012: Potato Omelette

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School doors opened on Tuesday, September 4.  The house seemed pretty empty after the six youngest left for school at 7 a.m.  They had Rich for their bus driver again which made them happy.  Rich has been the bus driver for the children ever since we moved to Michigan 8 years ago.  He is a good bus driver.  (Editor’s Note:  Amish schooling differs from place to place. In some communities Amish children primarily attend parochial schools, in others it is public.  In Lovina’s settlements, children attend public school, parochial, or are home-schooled, About half attend public).

Son Kevin enjoyed his 7th birthday on Sunday.  Daughter Loretta baked a cake for Kevin.  She didn’t know he wanted cupcakes instead but he said it didn’t matter. I decorated his cake using candy to write “happy birthday.”  He looked pretty happy when he saw it.  We gave him a bike for his birthday.  He has never had his own.  He would just use the other old bikes we have around here.  He is so proud to have his very own bike and all of his free time riding.  I even caught him riding it in our basement the other night.  He found a big bottle of baby powder and sprinkled “trails” on the basement floor. He was biking on the trails until I came downstairs and stopped him. He told me since we told him he couldn’t bike on the roads that he was trying to make roads in the basement. It left quite a dusty floor and mess to clean up!

Loretta is getting nervous about her surgery which will be on Monday.  We will all be glad when it is over with.  I hope and pray everything will turn out ok.  She is very tired after a day spent at school.

My husband Joe and Joseph took the boat out on the lake on Monday, Labor Day.  They fished most of the day.  Elizabeth and Benjamin went with Elizabeth’s friend Timothy on a boat on a different lake.  They all came home with some fish which were mostly bluegill.

The rest of the children and I spent the day relaxing at home.  It was a nice day and would have been a good afternoon to do laundry, but we waited until Tuesday, though, so Susan and I could do it after the children left for school. We all needed that break.  Elizabeth was glad to have a day off from the factory.  They are putting in long-hours everyday.  It sounds like she will have to work Saturdays now.  When I worked at a sewing factory before I was married I did not like working Saturdays.  It seemed like enough to work 5 days and Saturday was the day to get caught up on work at home.

A lot of the deer hunters are doing target practice with their bows.  They are getting excited for opening day of deer season.

The boys picked 5 big buckets of tomatoes out of our garden last night.  Susan and I did laundry this morning and it looks like we will be working up tomatoes this afternoon.  I am glad to fill more jars.

Sister Emma will drop off Steven, 5, in a little bit. She has to take one of her children to a doctor appointment this afternoon.  Since Steven goes to school in the morning I imagine he will have plenty of stories to share with us.  Kevin was excited to have Steven at school this year.

This is a delicious, easy breakfast and you could use potatoes from your garden in it.



6 small potatoes

3 med onions

6 to 8 ounces smoked ham

12 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste


Slice potatoes, onions, and ham as thinly as possible.  Saute potatoes and onions in oil until soft but not brown. Butter a 7 1 /2 by 11  3/ 4 glass baking dish.  Layer potatoes, onions, and ham in the dish.  Stir eggs with salt and pepper to taste and pour over top. Bake at 325 for 20 – 25 minutes or until eggs are set.

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The Discussion

  1. watched ‘breaking amish’ how BOGUS. grew up with plain family and neighbors. no female would wear her covering and/or hair like that, males hairstyles suspect!!

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    • Barb Wright says:

      I watched that too. I thought it looked hokey as well. The guys had buzz cuts and the girls had plucked eyebrows. It was,honestly,the first reality show I have ever watched..and very likely the last!

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  2. Barb Wright says:

    What a cute story about the “baby powder roads”!! It reminds me of when my boys were little..we made roads for their matchbox cars with masking tape. It didn’t hurt the floors and wasn’t messy. They loved it! The potato dish sounds good..that’s one thing we have plenty of!

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  3. Carolyn Kirk says:

    How nice to hear of a child being happy to receive a bike. Simple toys are the best and a bike is fun and good exercise, although I bet Amish children are a lot more active than others. Kevin, I was thinking about the videos you used to make and post. I really enjoyed them.

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  4. lorraine stoddard says:

    Cake was decorated so nice! I liked the story about the bike trail. Look forward to this colmn everyweek!

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  5. lorraine stoddard says:

    Prayers to Loretta for a safe and successful surgery.

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  6. Many prayers for Loretta and a belated Happy Birthday to Kevin…. I loved the jelly beans and red licorice vines!!!!

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  7. well i have been cking most of the day for surgery updates.
    Cute creative bike trails. maybe he needs some sidewlk chalk

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  8. Belated 7th Birthday to Kevin and loved the decorated cake – two treats in one.
    Prayers to Loretta for a successful outcome of her surgery and a speedy
    recovery to follow.
    Those buckets of tomatoes and peppers look wonderful and remind me of my
    parents’ garden from many years ago. I am not such a dedicated gardener
    and am fortunate to plant a few flowers in my front yard and keep them going
    thru the awful hot weather we have had the past couple of years.

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