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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Linda from KY

    I’m thankful that Loretta’s surgery went well. Continued prayers for her recovery, and that she’s able to endure it with patience. Congrats to all the young couples on their weddings. My son and daughter-in-law will be celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary at the end of September.

    Yesterday was my son’s 9th birthday. It sounds like you have a niece with the same birthday, unless I read that wrong. 🙂

    My prayers are with you as you remember your mother’s passing 10 years ago. It’s such a bittersweet thing to recall a loved one’s death. There are such happy memories, but it doesn’t stop us from missing them. My father died 7 years ago on the 25th of this month. In life, there is joy and sorrow both. I believe that if God didn’t allow us the sorrows in life, we wouldn’t appreciate the joys as much as we do.

  2. Stephanie

    I am glad to hear that Loretta’s surgery went well. I work for a newspaper in Iowa that runs Lovina’s column, and I’ve been following the story of Loretta’s surgery with interest, as I had the same surgery done when I was 14 (which was 11 years ago), so I can relate to what she’s going through.

    It will be tough, but with hard work and faith, I know she can pull through it and get through her therapy. I’ll be praying for her and keeping her in my thoughts.

  3. Lance

    Reading this column once again breaks my heart, in regards to Amish behavior. I spent 2-1/2 years very conservative Amish, but decided that there were some things I could not give up without a direct Bible verse commanding it. I looked at many other Amish groups, I found that so many of them accept the hypocrisy of refusing to open their own businesses on Sunday, while hiring automobile drivers to drive them around for visiting or church on the same Sunday. I have learned directly that some Amish now pay these drivers on Sunday, too. Many of these drivers are professional Amish chauffeurs. Why the Amish cannot see this as hypocrisy is beyond me. A study of the words hypocrisy and hypocrite leave one believing that no true believer wants it to be associated with him/herself and that this behavior is definitely that. Reading that Lovina’s family also participates in this is very disappointing. My heart grieves for these misguided, but wonderful people. I wish God would open their spiritual eyes and that they would repent.

    1. Kevin

      I am not going to say that there isn’t hypocrisy found among the Amish as there is among ANY religious group, or among any people. The Amish church is made up of people and any behaviors you find elsewhere, you’ll find among the Amish. In defense of Lovina, and other Amish who may hire a driver on a Sunday, they are not saying that YOU shouldn’t work on Sundays. As someone who was once in a conservative Amish church, you know that the Amish are not evangelicals. They are not saying that we ALL need to ditch our cars for buggies, our computers for paper and pen, etc…IF they were doing that, then that would be hypocrisy, but Lovina has never said that no one should ever work on Sunday. What she – and other Amish – say is “we won’t work on Sunday”, but it’s okay if you do. That’s not hypocrisy, it’s personal preference.

      1. Lance

        Thanks for replying, Kevin.

        I have had this discussion with many progressive Amish, and have not changed one mind, as if it was possible for an outsider to do that amongst the Amish! They are many low Amish that agree with my position. I have talked to many non-Amish people that send lots of time with the Amish that agree with me too, and there are some that do not.

        I reread the verses about hypocrisy and read a dictionary definition of it and I cannot agree with your response. I cannot excuse hypocrisy by calling it ‘personal preference’. I do see an Amish influence in your response and it again shows me why I never was comfortable with high Amish. I wish Lovina and her family well, as I also do you and the continued success of the column and website. I will not argue this further here.

    2. Eli

      Amen / Well Put ! Eli

  4. brenda

    thank you for the update on Loretta’s surgery.
    are the new braces something she will be using permanently or is this for the therapy period ? I am so glad there is something that can be done for her condition. Give her our best.

  5. Barb Wright

    So happy that the surgery was successful! I hope there is alot of planned activity for a restless child..they can’t be still very long!! Must be the drought didn’t hit as hard where the Eicher’s live. We were only able to do two cuttings of hay this year. Fortunately,we have a neighbor willing to sell us 300 bales,because we just bought another cow and a team of haflingers(horses,if you didn’t know). I am now looking for a sleigh!! We are planning on using them next year at Punkin Patch,but this year they are too new. We and them must get used to one another. I am done with tomatoes..FINALLY! Today,I did grape juice. Soon will be squash…canning seems endless at times. However,it’s all good when the cold winds blow the snow around the corner!!

  6. Carolyn Price

    Re. Lance’s statements about Amish behaviors.
    Although I would find it very hard to adapt fully to the Amish way of living, I have very high regards for them. I agree with Keven, you will find hypcorisy among any religious group. No matter who they are. Five years or so ago I did not know what Amish were about. I found some Amish novels and really enjoyed reading them, Which enticed me to study the Amish. These studies
    helped me a lot to realize by not putting so much importance on material possesions, and taking time to be what I need to be to my friends and family
    has enriched my life considerably. I really enjoy reading your columns Keven, and the Amish cook, etc. It is a breath of fresh air in a world where so many things are going wrong. I am not sure what Lance meant by they need to repent. Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion I guess. Take care.

  7. Angela Bjelland

    I was very happy to hear that Loretta’s surgery went well. Surgery can be very scary to any family. I was very upset by Lance’s little “snit fit”. It seems that he enjoys tearing down how others believe and how others live. He keeps trying to use big words to make himself look intelligent. So very sad that he has to look down on others to make himself feel big.Oh well, there is always one, isn’t there!? On the other hand, Kevin, we look forward to and enjoy these columns. It reminds us that people can be loving and caring in this day and age. Lovina and her family are inspirational to many!!

    1. Barb Wright

      I agree,Angela!!

  8. Lance

    I have been reading the Amish Cook column for 15 years on and off. When it is has been available to me, I found it is to be enjoyable reading from a person I would consider a co-religionist. The point of the story of Cain and Abel is that we are our brother’s keepers. As a co-religionist with Lovina’s family, I was doing Christian duty as best as I am able as since Kevin has done a great job at keeping Lovina’s location private. Since I cannot contact them, I expressed my views here. It is so very unfortunate that people who I have never met would react with such meanness and rudeness to my first ever comments on this website. I abhor the faceless flaming and slandering that internet forums and comment sections have become, hence the last line of my second post. I meant no one ill will, or slander. It is also so very sad to me that no one saw my comments as lament to a loss of a closer walk with God, a loss of righteous that Amish all used to have but are slowly giving up as they drift into the world. I apologize to all for this misunderstanding and especially to Kevin and Lovina and her family. I forgive those who responded with meanness where none was intended on my part and wish God’s blessing on you all.

    1. Angela Bjelland

      The reason you are getting the reaction you have recieved is the way you have come across. No one is “slandering” you, just stating how it has been taken. If that is NOT how you have meant it, then I apologize. I do not like when I feel people are being “picked on” and that is how your original comment came across. I do my best not to get snippy, but to err is human. We just have to keep trying to walk in God’s path, even if we step off of it for a second. I tend to get defensive which is still a stronghold I am trying to tear down. So, blessings back…sorry for the misunderstanding.

    2. Tami

      The thing is Lance, you chose to post on a public forum.

  9. Marilyn from NY

    I love Lovina’s Mother’s ” God makes no mistakes.” That was one of my Mother’s favorites sayings. My Mother passed away many years ago. When ever we would ask Mom why this happened or that happened-that’s what Mom would say.


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