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  1. Nancy

    If I watch TLC early on and really enjoyed a lot of their shows but then they became what I jokingly called “truly low class” programming. Just really junk shows without a whole lot of redeeming values so I stopped watching. Too bad they didn’t stick with their roots and have more interesting things that meant something

    1. Kevin

      Totally agree with you, Nancy….TLC used to truly mean The Learning Channel and they, wow, they came unmoored from their roots…

  2. Christine

    Hi Kevin. The Rolfoffs both live on the farm . Amy in the big house Matt in a prefab house. Amy is dating a guy,Matt has a girlfriend who is a farm employee for many years. THe older boys are both married. Jeremy is having a bay in September and zach and his wife has a baby in may. Molly just got married about a month ago. Jacob isn’t on the show and they don’t really comment on him. I know Kate gospel in won,t go away! She keeps appearing here and there but I don’t think anyone is really interested in her or the kids who are all grownup. I know the little couple hasn’t been on for awhile, and she recovered from cancer. The Dugfarz are out of the spotlight too. The girls are on tv but nothing like the series when it first started. I think the scandal with the son really turned people off. HOpe this helps you out!

    1. Kevin

      WOW, all those Roloff changes are incredible, I turn away for a year and all that happens. crazy! Thanks for the update!

      1. Christine

        Wow!! I made so many typing mistakes! I guess I need my glasses to type now too!! Sorry!

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