Throwback Thursday

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Okay, might as well do it.  If you’re on Facebook, you know that Thursday is “throwback day” where we all take slightly narcissistic journeys into our past.   This is a blurry photo of me with my favorite when I was 11 in 1983.  The dog would hang on for another 11 years, long enough to see me launch The Amish Cook column (I doubt she really cared, just as long as she got fed and petted).

The other photo is of me at 7 years old and my older brother at age 10… have to guess where it was taken.  It’s a pretty iconic building behind us.  Oddly, I remember very little about that journey. I think one of the guides told us about a ghost that supposedly haunts the place, so that is my one enduring takeaway from that majestic mansion.


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  1. Maybe Monticello in Charlottesville, VA?

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