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  1. Debbi

    I am with you on this. TLC is no longer a learning channel and I find it ridiculous how everyone wants to exploit someone else or themselves. I know I will not be watching this but then I don’t watch much of anything on t.v. anymore.

  2. BethR

    I hear ya!! TLC isn’t what it used to be – now it’s like the weirder the better. Unfortunately (or fortunately) human nature fascinates me, psychologically speaking, so I know I’ll watch it out of curiosity, but the last thing I watched on whatever channel about the Amish teens who went over the England wasn’t good. They were exposing those kids to yes, things out in the world, but NOT things that most regular teens would even be exposed to or things ANY parent would want their teen to experience. I think they try and over-do it when they get people whom they perceive to be naive. You hit the nail on the head – silliness at its best. 🙂

  3. Wendy

    What you said.

  4. Tiffanie

    It reminds me of the “Amish in the City” show. Why do they need to put them in LA or New York to see how they “adapt” to the “English” world. The “English” world itself is different enough. They aren’t monkeys to put in a cage and watch their antics, they’re people. That’s how a lot of the TLC shows are now, among others.

    1. Mary Beth

      I remember the “Amish in the City” show a few years ago. I was prepared to be offended, but thought they handled the cultural dynamic fairly sensitively. Not surprisingly, most of the Amish kids didn’t go back to the Amish fold; they would have had to be leaning that direction to be on the show in the first place, IMO. But this new show sounds awful. The name is concerning (“breaking” Amish??) and they can’t even get the denomination straight. I’ll check it out with an open mind, but it doesn’t sound good out of the box.

  5. RG Schmidt

    Well, I won’t decide until I watch an episode, but this seems on the surface to be a few more yards down the slippery slope to irrelevance for The Learning Channel. I guess we have to remember their target audience, teens and young adults, too many of whom think learning is watching a “reality” show (most of which have little to do with reality). Most of what I watch on tv is either sports or documentaries, and I find myself on TLC less and less as their programming evolves. Or perhaps I should say devolves.

    1. Kevin

      Well said!

  6. Barbara Weber

    I’m surprised, no mention was made of the Duggers.What about “Toddlers and Tiaras”. Now THERE, is child abuse. I myself, love “The Little Couple”. I think they are fascinating. Non of the Amish shows,, even on “National Geographic” have been very good. JMHO

    1. Tiffanie

      I love the Duggars and the new “United Bates of America,” and there may be a few other decent ones, but most of their other shows are degrading and ridiculous.

  7. Connie Coberley

    I don’t know if I will tune in for this or not. I may just out of curiosity for a brief visit but don’t think it is a good program from your description.
    Don’t understand what TLC is thinking with many of their shows anymore. I used to tell my grandchildren they may watch TLC but in the last several years, I have to monitor that as well.
    Good luck to the folks dropped into NYC. That is one place I’d fight tooth and nail to stay out of.

  8. Dan Dumont

    I don’t watch any reality television. Mainly because I think it is inane for the most part. And I don’t believe any true Amish would participate in such a show.Not to metion we all know THEY DON’T HAVE TVs. So why would they care. Maybe the people in the show are the same ones who sell heaters to Sears.

  9. hhelen poust

    i like many of the shows on tlc.admire the little couple,the duggers,they do take good care of the children and teach them good morals.ithink the parents who push thier little children on those modeling shows should be charged with child abuse.


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