Upscale Whoopie Pies…

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I posted a few weeks ago about whoopie pies from Thistle Confections in Dayton, Ohio.  Today I bring you more whoopie pie eye candy, this time from the Taste of Belgium in Cincinnati.  A friend of mine from my high school days works at this place now and was kind enough supply the picture.  As we’ve talked about before, the origins of whoopie pies are disputed (the states of Maine and Pennsylvania both claim them, and the Amish have sort of adopted them as their own). Whoopie pies like the Taste of Belgium’s and Thistle’s have evolved into more upscale confections, almost unrecognizable from the brick-heavy Amish confections.  Just shows the versatility of this venerable dessert.   I hope to visit Thistle and the Taste of Belgium in the near future to talk to the various pastry chefs and talk to them about their various whoopie pie creativity.  The filling in this whoopie pie is “italian butter creme”, don’t they look amazing?

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The Discussion

  1. Karen Dulin says:

    Wow, those look yummy…makes me want to make some. Will have to get the recipe out and get some made this weekend. Thanks for sharing Kevin. :)

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  2. Kevin, where is your blog site that you just started. Cannot find it. it’s usually at the top and now it’s not.

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  3. Do you know about The word wicked means something different in Maine.

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  4. kentuckylady717 says:

    Kevin, did you get to visit this bakery ? Would love to have the chocolate whoopie recipe…..these look so yummy…

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