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There are several pillars of Amish cooking:  homemade bread, home-canned vegetables and meats, a garden for fresh vegetables, and a supply of homemade noodles.  Every Amish cook has their “go to” noodle recipe.  These are some photos of homemade noodles at The Amish Cook’s house, both a wide noodle a thinner version.  These look yummy! Elizabeth Coblentz, the late, original Amish Cook wrote about homemade noodles in a column back in 2001, a year before her passing.  Here is what she had to say:

A Pendleton, Ind., reader wrote asking about my recipe for homemade noodles.
There are many different recipes for noodles. Many of the recipes are passed
down from parent to children. Each family has their own recipe. Unfortunately,
it’s a tradition which is not as common as it used to be.

When I was a little girl, all the mothers fixed homemade noodles, rolling them
out and letting them dry out on racks. It would always be an exciting day when
mother would fix noodles. That’s where I learned to make noodles.

This is a recipe which goes good around here and is easy to make.

Homemade Noodles

9 eggs

6 cups flour or more

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup water

Mix together well. Knead until nice and smooth. Dough should not be sticky. Roll
out, and cut into width of noodles desired. Let sit all day, and you’ll have
dried noodles. A hand-cranked noodle maker is so handy to do noodles.

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The Discussion

  1. Bernadette says:

    My mother made noodles and we would sneak in and eat them while they were drying. Surprised we weren’t sick all the time.

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  2. Yum. I love homemade noodles, and they are such fun to make. It’s too bad they make such a mess and take up so much space – I would make them more often if I had the room. I love the picture of all Lovina’s noodles drying on the tables. I wonder how long they will last with so many mouths to feed.

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  3. I would love to just one time make noodles .. but I don’t have a roller .. can someone tell me .. can I just use a regular rolling pin ??

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  4. in the 40′s my g.b. mother always used excess egg yolks, dried rolled out sheets on wooden clothes drier, then rolled them up jelly-roll way and sliced as thin as she possibly could. AND then….., excess egg whites were made into delicious angel food cake, no waste, ever!

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  5. I love homemade noodles, make them 3 or 4 times a year. I use my regular rolling pin same as my mother did. My four daughters really like them also but only the youngest one has made them. It does make a mess but well worth the cleanup time

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    • Thank you for the reply that I can use my rolling pin ..
      I love a new adventure .. and this will surely be one ..

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