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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Barb

    I just may. I watched him with a show on HGTV where he took a home, sans walls, flooring etc and used reclaimed wood for walls, reclaimed windows and it was amazing. Evidently he has a talent using his hands for carpentry. I’m glad to see he took his piercings out for them.

  2. Arlene Morr

    I can’t get DYI on my TV so won’t be watching, but you hit the nail on the head…money and notoriety make a difference !!!! Most Amish wouldn’t let themselves be pictured…interesting to see where in Ohio this is….

  3. Christine

    I’m with you Kevin. These so called “celebrities” are so off everyone’s minds that they will do anything to get themselves back in a spotlight. I really doubt that any of these “Amish” folks they film with are really Amish or so very, very loosely connected to Amish culture that they too are just exploiting the culture for fame and money. Sad really, now its “in” to be Amish. The only Amish tv I ever enjoy are real documentary shows that tell about Amish culture, not any staged, scripted reality junk.

  4. Lynette Sowell

    I might watch it once, out of curiosity. He has a house renovation show where he buys homes in Florida, fixes them up with his crew, and resells the homes. I’d like to see if he works on any building projects in an Amish community. He’s definitely not plain. I hope, though, that he’s respective of the culture and doesn’t make fun of it like some people do.

  5. Tom the back roads traveller

    The “Amish” man in the photo looks like no Amish I have ever seen. I would guess Mennonite.

    1. Kevin

      I agree Tom, a different sort of look…I’d say probably not Mennonite because of the beard….but maybe Beachy Amish Mennonite?

  6. Carolyn

    I have no idea what show you are referring to. That is probably because I watch little if no T.V. Amish Mafia, Breaking Amish, etc. sickened me.
    This is Hollywood for you.To a person who knows nothing about the Amish, I guess they would not know the difference .Sense they cant seem to get it right. I personally wish they would just leave them alone. Yip it’s all about money.

  7. kentuckylady717

    I agree he does not look Amish at all….I have never seen an Amish were that kind of vest !…And his shirt and pants did not really look home made….
    I probably will watch it the first time, but may not continue…..I did not watch Amish Mafia at all…..but I did watch breaking Amish and I was disappointed in it…..
    But the first Amish reality show they had, I did watch it and it was a pretty good show….loved Claudia and her mom in the show…..I hope they will have a follow up to that one…..


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