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  1. Joyce

    I think it was hate crime.

    1. Kevin

      To be clear, I think it was a “hateful crime”… I just am not sure either way as to whether it means the criteria for being a “hate crime”…My gut tells me it may not meet that legal threshold as contemptuous as I find Mullet’s actions….

  2. Patty Adams

    Since the dictionary definition of hate is “the uncontrollable desire to do physical harm to another” I would say that any attack against another person is a hate crime. I don’t believe it meets the criteria for the government’s definition of a hate crime though, I agree with Kevin, it was hateful! I worry about the slippery slope we travel when we paint with too broad a brush. It was definately, legally assault!

  3. Sharon

    I also think they were hate crimes and I think they should be punished to the fullest . I also think they should get down on there knees and ask God for forgiveness.


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