Wayne County, Indiana: Fountain Acre Foods

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I’ve written about this place so many times over the past few years that I ought to be put on the PR payroll .:)   I like this store because 1) it is only an hour away from where I live and 2) it’s just a textbook example of “sweat of the brow” Amish entrepreneurial skills.  The store has only been open about 5 years and has already been expanded several times.  It’s latest expansion comes next month promising an expanded bakery, freezer space, and a third cheese sale to complement their twice a year sales.  The store is run by Stevie and Marianne, an Amish couple from Pennsylvania.  Sign their guest book when you come to the store and you’ll be treated to hand-written letters from Stevie a couple of times a year updating customers on the latest happenings at the store. Stroke of marketing genius, as I look forward to those letters now. I’m still going to say that I prefer Keim Family Market in Adams County, Ohio simply because of the scenic beauty and some sentimental ties to the area, but Fountain Acres is absolutely worth a stop.  Located only 10 minutes north of Interstate 70 it is also very “accessible Amish” for people just whizzing by on the interstate.  Hopefully the store won’t expand much more because I do think when something gets too large the quaintness and charm can be endangered.  The Amish community in Wayne County, Indiana is growing, largely consisting of transplants from over crowded Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  While the scenery can’t match other areas, one of these days I would like to explore areas to the east of Fountain Acres where the Amish community spreads out a bit.  Indiana’s highest point actually is just a short drive to the east of the store, a place I’d like to visit sometime.

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The Discussion

  1. Patty Keller says:

    Have you been to the bulk food store in Shipshewana? It has also enlarged. They have a bakery,deli and more coolers and freezers.Its a fun place to shop.Quite an improvment! I have been there several times on the weekends and the large parking lot is full.Keep up the good work.Thanks

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  2. I sure wish there were some Amish stores near me. This one sounds so nice.

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  3. I don’t know why I haven’t noticed this before – it would (will) be a great stop on our semi-annual trip to MO.

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  4. Carolyn Kirk says:

    Liked this post. Wish I could visit the store. Sure would like to be on their mailing list.

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