Weekend Blog Roll: Amish Sourdough Crepes, Northern Indiana Amish, and Those Rollerblading Amish?

Weekend Blog Roll: Amish Sourdough Crepes, Northern Indiana Amish, and Those Rollerblading Amish?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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This is the time of the week when we explore the blogosphere to see what is being written about the Plain people. The blogosphere is flooded with pieces about reality TV Amish and Amish fiction, but I don’t even like to reserve space on my website to discuss “Breaking Amish” or “Amish Mafia” unless I am discussing garbage.  Now I am a bit more interested to watch the Vanilla Ice Goes Amish show coming up and we’ll discuss that more soon.  Meanwhile, let’s jump into our “blogomobile” and explore!

First stop:

NORTHERN INDIANA: Okay, I’ll be honest, I found 70 percent of this first stop to be a complete eyes-glaze-over BORE…BUT, A) they didn’t write it for me and B) if you are into RVing, you’ll probably love the piece.  As far as RVs and northern Indiana’s Amish are concerned, we’ve discussed this topic a lot.  I’m most familiar with JayCo, but there are other RV companies that employ a lot of Amish in northern Indiana and I guess Newmar is one of them.  Anyway, this is a blog written by self-described baby boomers who just travel around in their RV and share the experiences. I will say, though, that that sounds like a fascinating and really neat life in some respects. Anyway, this couple stopped in northern Indiana I guess to get their RV repaired and decided to explore Amish country.  If you like RVs, you’ll love the whole post, if you are like me, just skip those parts and enjoy the part written by Dianne. Click here for the blog.

AMISH FRIENDSHIP BREAD CREPES: From nothern Indiana we’ll climb back into our blogmobile where we drop into the kitchen of “A Virtuous Woman” who serves up Amish Friendship Bread Crepes. We’ve talked a lot on this blog over the years about the popularity of Amish Friendship Bread, so it’s always fun to see new twist on an old recipe. Yum! Check out the recipe here.

Next stop:

ROLLERBLADING AMISH:  Yes, in some Amish settlements, rollerblades are permitted. Some people find this fact surprising, but it’s really not if you think about it.  Rollerblades are non-motorized modes of transport, perhaps even more primitive technically than bicycles.  Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is one place where I know blades have been permitted and I have found a blog with some fun photos. I will say, though, that I question the authenticity of some of them…especially the one with two beaming grinning “Amish” ladies wearing what look like suit jackets. That one in particular doesn’t ring real. Just my opinion. Click here to see the full slate of images.

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