What Will Happen to Bergholz?

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The insular Amish settlement in eastern Ohio outside the town of Bergholz has been in the spotlight since last year when the bishop and some of his associates were arrested, tried, and found guilty of orchestrating retaliatory attacks upon other Plain people.  Bishop Sam Mullet is behind bars and will likely stay there for quite some time, while some of the actual attackers could face lengthy sentences as well.  Meanwhile, how has the community of Bergholz functioned in Mullet’s absence and what will happen to it?  Sounds like at least one of Mullet’s sons might be in a position to take charge and I’m sure Sam’s fingers will continue to be on the pulse of the settlement.  The Cleveland Plain Dealer sent a reporter there and filed this interesting story.  The Bergholz clan really is an atypical splinter group and I’m not sure they can be classified as Old Order Amish in the traditional sense.

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The Discussion

  1. It was terrible what they did to the Amish people. It is so hard to understand. Those that know very little about the old order Amish , might be led to think they are of the amish, I have a hard time beleiving they are any part of them. Just my take on it. Leave it to the media to put this story in the limelight so as to put down the Amish. Just like the TLC, breaking Amish. That is so much garbage.

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