Whoa….This Takes The Cake – Er, The Whoopie Pie!

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My friend Jeff here in my hometown of Middletown shared a link with me that may just contain the craziest (and possibly the most delicious) variation of whoopie pie I have ever heard of and I thought I’d share it with you all.  We’ve all talked extensively on this site about whoopie pies and their various variations (pumpkin, peanut butter, mint, chocolate, even banana)…we’ve also talked about their origins, is it Maine? Is it Pennsylvania? But put all of that aside now and feast your eyes on “cornbread jalapeno whoopie pies with honey buttercream filling”.…..my wife thinks they sound amazingly delicious…I…think they could be also, but I’m reserving judgment until I try some and I will, oh, I will!:)  Click here for the recipe and to see photos of them…..I’ve never heard of this website before, so buyer beware.

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The Discussion

  1. Don’t worry about the buyer beware part ;) It’s well tested recipe, first posted on Serious Eats before I tried them out! They were originally from a whoopie pie cookbook but they were “jalapeno cornbread with bacon-chive goat cheese filling”.

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  2. Hello I am currently in Indiana with my mom who just turned 85 the day before Mother’s Day. I live in Sault Sainte Marie Michigan as far north as you can get before crossing the bridge from Michigan into Canada. I have been reading this column since Lovina’s mother started it many years ago. We dearly loved it then and I miss it and was pleased to happy to read the paper and see Lovina writing it now. I am truly sorry to read about the fire and happy to know that no one was injured. GOD TRULY BLESSES US ALL. I was wondering if you could email me the way to make the fly catchers from old soda bottles /milk jugs… I can’t remember just what was used. But as I will probably not be here to see it in the News Sentinel PLEASE email me the instructions? And would love to receive her/your articles also so I could keep up with her column. Thank You and bless you all. Cindy and mom(Bonnie Geise).

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