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  1. Wendy

    There is so much wisdom expressed in the ’88 article – about not going into debt. So many farmers take on crippling debt to buy land and seeds, then if *anything* goes wrong, they’re done for.

  2. Tami

    I thought ’88 was worse because I was in high school (living in a Detroit suburb), had no air conditioning and ended up with a completely broken collarbone that summer. So all I could do was sit around, sweat and not play softball. As an adult now (with air conditioning and living close to many farming communities in Minnesota) I am more aware of the consequences this harsh weather has on farmer’s and those who farm for their daily personal food. This year from an adults perspective this seems much worse as many are still struggling with a very depressed economy on top of this drought.

    1. lorraine stoddard

      To me 1988 was worse.

  3. Julie Hartmus

    I think it depends on where you are. If you look at the drought map, there is this streak that runs through Indiana on a diagonal that is worse than the surrounding areas. On a recent road trip from Fort Wayne to MI, I could see as we moved along that things were bad, but not as bad as at home the further north we got.

    I may be more comfortable with the A/C, but it surely seems worse in this little neck of the woods.

  4. Dawn Kirk

    In 1988,I was 21,lived in a small 2nd story apt.with no air,worked in a pizza shop,(ovens kept on a 450 degrees)& drove an old beater with ,you guessed it,no air.We had plastic lawn furniture,would stick to it & laugh..I was young & thin though.Didn’t bother me a whole lot.Seems this one is worse,but I really can’t say with certainty.


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