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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Magdalena

    I used to write occasionally for the Bangor Daily, and some of its sister publications in Maine. I worked as a reporter for several of them. I was a third generation news writer and editor. A lot of papers went to “canned” content – generalized feature stories that cut out reporters and local interest columnists, including columns such as yours. I don’t think I’ve published in a print pub in about seven years.

  2. Kevin

    Can you (or could you ever) buy the Bangor paper in towns on the NB side of the Maine-NB border?

  3. Diann

    I have been reading the Dayton Daily News since I got married in 1970. Dayton had two newspapers then, the Journal Herald, which was a morning edition and the Dayton Daily News which was an afternoon edition. I recently stopped getting the Fairborn Daily Herald, which publishes the Amish Cook column, but I can read Lovina’s column online now.

  4. sharon budenieks

    i no longer am able to have the southbend tribune home delivered. as they discontinued it,.therefore no store near me carries it here in 3 rivers mi, so i rely online to read lovina’s column..yes i do believe the demise of newspapers are in the near future. kalamazoo gazette is also going to home deliver 3 days a week only as of feb 2…

  5. Tiffanie

    We still get the Sunday paper for the ads, but stopped getting the daily (even when offered for free for a while) because everything is just so skewed now. There just isn’t enough truth in it, and a LOT of liberal thinking, especially now that we live in California. It’s sad, but I think it will go the way of encyclopedias.

    I love this option for the Amish Cook, because I used to have to wait for the articles a Tacoma, WA area relative would cut out and save for me.. until she moved where they don’t have the articles. Another nice, old fashioned tradition though…


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