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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Linda Clark

    You know that was something I had wondered about. The Amish are so industrious in general and Lovina talks often of her sewing and making the children’s clothing. That cabinet around her machine is beautiful! I’d guess that Joe made it. We have an older treadle machine in it’s original cabinet, a 1924 Model! It sits idle now, I must admit no one is using it.

  2. Linda from KY

    It’s a lovely machine. Thanks for showing us. I always that thought male clothing makers were called tailors.

    BTW, I dislike having to type my name and email every time I comment on something, which is one reason why I visit the site less than I used to. Another reason is that I’m simply too busy, which isn’t your fault at all.

    1. Kevin

      Linda…I’m still sort of tweaking this as we go along, anyone else find the retyping of your name to comment too cumbersome? I’m sure I could devise something different…

      1. Dawn Kirk

        I’m not tech savvy at all,but I don’t have to re add it each time-it does it on auto fill or something.

  3. Tiffanie

    Thanks from all of us fellow seamstresses! How about a closeup of the machine to see make and model? We like to know these things. : >

  4. Tiffanie

    Mine automatically fills it in on Firefox…

  5. Theresa

    Nice looking machine Lovina has there. Could you possibly find out where she has it services at? I have my Grandma’s 1900 singer treadle & it needs to be serviced. If you can find out Kevin, email me privately. I really appreciate it. I have to put a binder on a quilt I made several years ago.



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